Request Work Order

We have changed our work order process!

We are now using Buildium for our tenant services, within your own personal tenant portal it will include the ability to see transaction history/charges, payments, refunds and more. Another important function of the tenant portal is the creating work order requests, this function is mutually beneficial for us and you as the tenant. You will have the opportunity to provide information on the request which will help us get it fixed as soon as possible.

Once submitted, your request is saved on Buildium so you can log back on to check the status of the request itself and it will alert you when changes are made through email and on the page itself. 

You need a valid email to gain access to Buildium, without this valid email you CANNOT request a work order. If you have a valid email but have not received an invitation to access Buildium please contact us and we will get this resolved ASAP.

We have a step by step guide on this site on how to create your account with us, which can be accessed here

If you have an account already then great click on the Tenant Login button on the top right of every page and enter your details in there. 

If you have any issues or you have concerns about using Buildium please contact us through phone or email, our information is available through our Contact Page